Which Materials Can You Build Infinity Pools From?

Infinity pools differ from conventional ones because they will have one or more sides which have a so-called zero edge. This makes the pool look like it is connected to whatever there is in the background. Some of the best infinity pools look like they go on forever because their zero edge faces the sea. Others form their own horizon with the sky. Of course, you can have an infinity pool built for you wherever you like, but the idea is to provide a really great view whether you are looking at the pool or are swimming in it. What many people don't realise, however, is just how many different materials infinity pool builders can work with. Read on to find out the most popular choices.


A material that can be formed into any shape you like, fibreglass is one of the most popular materials for outdoor swimming pools of any kind. If you want a kidney-shaped pool or even a circular one, for example, then there will be a pre-cast fibreglass pool to suit you. Infinity pools made from fibreglass tend to be bespoke, however, since they will need to be sited in a garden in a particular way to get the best of the view. The basic idea is to have one side of the pool lower than the others so that it sits just a little beneath the water level. Beyond this zero edge, the fibreglass will continue to form a small gully where overflowing water can be collected and returned to the main pool, sometimes via a small pump.


As it is a very versatile material, concrete is ideal for the particular requirements of most infinity pool sites. You can include extra features such as paddling pools and underwater seating with ease if you opt for a concrete construction. The zero edge is made in a very similar fashion to the fibreglass style of infinity pool. However, most infinity pool builders will be able to hide the water return system of a concrete pool more effectively. Pipes and ducting can be hidden, for example, underneath adjacent decking through which overflowing water will drain. Size for size, concrete pools tend to be cheaper than other options.

Glass Pools

Glazed pools are spectacular. Most infinity pool builders would recommend having the zero edge made from toughened glass for the greatest sense of illusion of limitlessness. You need to keep both sides of a glazed infinity pool wall clean which means there is more maintenance to consider, however. Also, avoid this option if your pool can be seen into from neighbouring properties as they don't afford much privacy.