Pool Supplies That You Need Throughout the Year

Whether you rely on your pool for exercise or as a haven for escaping the heat, you'll need the right pool supplies to keep it going. Here are some supplies you can reliably use throughout the year.

Testing Kits

Routine testing is essential when you have a pool. It ensures you have the right pH balance for keeping yourself and others safe. Additionally, regular testing can help you maintain the right conditions for keeping algae at bay.

Dip tests are easy to use and interpret. By using them once a week, you can maintain the right conditions for using your pool. If you notice results that are abnormal and you're not sure how to interpret them, try speaking with a professional.


Nothing is more likely to put you off swimming than seeing gunk and grime float on the surface of the water. By using a pool skimmer, you can catch debris easily and ensure you have clear water to swim in.

Skimmers act without you needing to do anything and can capture debris before it has a chance to settle. This should make your ongoing maintenance easier, as some pool debris can sink to the bottom, making it difficult to remove without emptying the pool. A lot of skimmers rest at the side of the pool and use vacuum suction, so you won't need to worry about yours disrupting your swim.


While skimmers and testing kits go a long way to keeping your pool clean, you still need chemicals to maintain the right pH balance. One of the most popular types is chlorine, which can prevent algae from growing. 

You may also want to try using an algaecide, which kills off algae before it has a chance to form. Preventing algae is usually better than trying to tackle it. If you're unsure about the composition of the chemicals you're using in your pool, ask a specialist.


Covers aren't just useful for keeping your pool clean. They also act as key safety aids and can trap the temperature while you're not using them at night.

From a safety perspective, a sturdy cover will prevent children and pets from accidentally slipping into your pool throughout the year. If you're using a cover to trap the temperature, try using one with solar properties so it can heat your pool slightly during the day before you use it.

With the right pool supplies, you can keep the water clean and make swimming a safe activity for everyone. Contact a local pool supplies service to learn more.