Three Factors To Consider When Deciding The Location For Your New Pool

The Australian summer is only a few months away, and now is the time when pool contractors start to get very busy installing pools so their clients can enjoy lots of holiday swimming fun. As a homeowner who is wanting to book in your pool installation, the next important step is deciding where on your property your pool will be located. Whilst your pool contractor has thoughts on the location based on their experience, here are three factors you must consider when you discuss the final location with your contractor.

Avoid The Shade

There are several reasons why you want to keep your swimming pool out of the shade. Firstly, you save excess energy costs because the pool can be naturally heated by the sun year-round rather than having to pay for electricity or gas to warm the water. Secondly, your family is more likely to use the pool when it is bathed in sunlight and looks inviting rather than appearing chilly and unappealing. Not only does this mean you get a good return on the investment of the cost of the pool because it is being used, but a sunny location also makes the pool an appealing part of your home when you sell your property at a later date.

Avoid The Trees

Trees provide shade over a pool. So, as per factor one, you want to avoid this shade. Secondly, trees too close to the pool can damage both the pool liner and the pool filtration system. If you place a pool too close to a tree, its roots can grow towards the pool over time, and these roots may puncture through the pool lining. Additionally, a tree that overhangs the pool drops leaves and branch debris into the water. This often gets trapped in the filtration system and causes clogs and damaged pipes. Pools and trees are not a good combination, so keep them separated.

Avoid Long Distance From House

Factor three to consider comes down to the size of your backyard. While it is tempting to place the pool away from the house to lower the noise factor when the kids are playing, the further from your home the pool is, the more you pay for the installation because you need to get electricity out to the pool. Plan an installation that has the pool fairly close to the house to avoid this issue.

Now that you can narrow down the location of your pool, it is time to contact your local pool contractor to discuss the installation date.

For more information, contact a pool installation contractor.