Why You Cannot Leave Pool Cleaning to Chance

Some people consider a swimming pool to be more of a necessity than a luxury in the hot Australian climate. It's little surprise, therefore, that most new homes feature the addition of a pool, and it's good to know that they add value to the property as well. Yet each pool will require a good deal of maintenance and must be attended to on a weekly basis, especially during the peak season. Why is this so important and what do you need to consider if you are new to pool ownership?

Challenge Ahead

Fundamentally, a body of water that is relatively stagnant can quickly develop bacteria, and this can lead to degeneration and in some cases, a risk to the health of your family. Also, the pool will attract dirt, debris and leaves, even if the area is completely surrounded by a screened enclosure.

Cleaning up

On a weekly basis, you should make sure that the surface of the pool is completely cleared of any debris that may have accumulated. You should ensure that you empty the pump basket and clean the skimmer, and make sure that the cartridge is cleaned in order to maintain the right type of filter pressure.


It's very important to test the levels of alkalinity, pH and chlorine using the right equipment. You may need to adjust your chemicals accordingly based on these readings, but should always ensure that you get high-quality materials to use for the best effect.

Manual Application

You may well have introduced a cleaning "robot" that is designed to travel back and forth automatically and keep the pool in reasonable shape. However, you will also need to brush the entire surface of the pool very carefully on a weekly basis, as this robotic equipment cannot be expected to do its job perfectly and may find it difficult to access hard-to-reach areas.

Best Technique

Dirt will still accumulate on the floor of the pool and the walls, and you need to get a brush with extensions so that you can work your way all the way down to the bottom. However, try and avoid scraping the pool with the brush as you do so, as this could cause some imperfections to develop on the tiles or plaster and create a harbour for bacteria.

The Importance of Regularity

If you find it difficult to allocate enough time to do this on a consistent basis, then you should definitely bring in a professional to do the job for you. It's simply not good enough to put this off until the end of the month and try to "catch up." You'll want to ensure that your pool is not only pleasant to visit but is as safe as possible for all the occupants.

For more information on the benefits of regular pool cleaning, contact your local pool service today.