Typical Issues That Can Impact Your Swimming Pool Filter

One of the most paramount components of your swimming pool is its filter. When this device is not at its optimum working condition, you will find your pool progressively becomes more unsafe for use from the increasing filth collecting inside it. Therefore, if you want your pool to stay in top condition all year round, it is critical to ensure that the filter is receiving routine maintenance checks from a pool specialist so that any potential problems are caught in good time. Failure to do this will leave your filter vulnerable to some common issues that could severely impede its function. Here are just some of the standard problems that your swimming pool filter can develop when left neglected.

There is excessive pressure in the filter's tank

An increase in pressure inside the filter's tank is a problem commonly associated with sand filtration systems. When this pressure rises, it poses the risk of cracks developing on the laterals of the receptacle. Resultantly, sand steadily starts to seep into the pool and this not only means that the water is not being filtered correctly but that it is also being contaminated by the filter itself! Problems concerning pressure inside the filtration tanks usually come about when there is pump incompatibility with your pool filter. In typical cases, the filter tends to have a much smaller capacity than is required to accommodate the volume of water being pumped through it. However, an increase in pressure inside the filter's tank can also come about due to clogged cartridges, which impede the movement of water through the filtration system. It is imperative to have a specialist proper size your pool pump and filter to prevent this from occurring. Additionally, periodic cleaning of the cartridges is crucial to preventing building up of unnecessary pressure too.

The pool filter's spider gasket is damaged

Swimming pool filters do not only comprise filtration cartridges. Another relevant component of the system is the spider gasket. This spoked rubber wheel is what determines where water will be directed to, which makes it a vital part of the multiport valve of your pool filter. Without the spider valve, you would not be able to choose from filtering the pool, backwashing the filter and rinsing out the filter. So if this contraption acquires some damages, you will experience serious operational problems with your pool filter. One of the signs to be on the lookout for that may imply the spider gasket is compromised is unexplainable leaks from the multiport valve. A pool specialist, like one from Leisure Coast Pool Centre, can establish if the spider gasket requires replacement or if it merely needs adjusting.