Tips to Maintain a Great Swimming Pool

The pros of having a pool on your property are virtually endless. Not only do you have a built-in opportunity to exercise, but your pool area also provides you with an appealing entertainment backdrop, a place to cool off during the summer, plus a boost to your overall property value. However, for your pool to stay beneficial, you need to ensure it receives appropriate care and maintenance. Besides hiring professional technicians to service your pool on occasion, here are some additional tips you could employ to maintain great swimming pools.

Tip 1: Ensure the pool is free of debris

One of the popular things homeowners will do is landscape the area around their pool to create a tropical oasis. This could include planting palm trees and other types of vegetation that would enhance the appeal of the pool area. However, over time you will find that these plants will eventually shed their leaves, twigs, seeds and branches into the pool. If you do not skim the surface of your pool on a regular basis, the organic matter can quickly make its way to your pool filter and pose the risk of clogs and blockages. Moreover, leaving this matter to linger in your pool could also end up altering the pH levels of your swimming pool as well as promoting the growth of algae in the water.

Tip 2: Service your filter regularly

Your pool filter is tasked with ensuring you have crystal clear water at all times. Nevertheless, just as any other type of equipment, the filter needs routine maintenance to ensure that it is running at optimum. An easy way of caring for your filter would be by backwashing it on a regular basis. This technique cleans out the filter and reduces the chances of clogs forming inside it. Backwashing the pool filter will also reduce the buildup of chemicals that you may be employing to keep your pool water in good condition.

Tip 3: Vacuum the pool floor

The same way that the floors in your home need regular cleaning so does the floor of your pool. An assumption some people have is that the pool floor will stay clean as long as the water is being cleaned, but the reality is a layer of dirt can quickly form on the floor. If not eliminated, the dirt settling at the bottom of your pool will eventually contaminate the water. Pool vacuums can be purchased either as a handheld device or as automated equipment that is placed directly into the pool.