Body Wraps

Herbal Wraps $80 (60 minutes)

A delicious herbal experience that detoxifies your entire body. First, hot towels are wrapped around your body and you are warmed for up to 30 minutes. Relax as the cocoon of therapeutic aromatic herbs penetrate your body and draws out impurities. Finally, a moisturizer is applied to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and supple.


Mud Wrap $80 (60 minutes)

The powerful nutrients contained in clay help to rebuild tissue and cells, strengthen red blood cells and serve as a powerful detoxifier. Aqua Pearl Day Spa offers a variety of muds to suit your needs. Moor mud, Dead Sea Mud and Sedona Mud are available.

After a thorough exfoliation, your body is wrapped in deliciously warm mud. Cocooned in a warm blanket to help the ingredients penetrate your skin, you relax for 25 minutes as the mud draws out impurities. Treatment finishes with a light massage. You'll feel energized from head to toe.


Seaweed Wrap $80 (60 minutes)

Algae is a natural food that is 30 times higher in chlorophyll than land plants and is loaded with nutrients that promote tissue repair. Algae is also an excellent detoxifying agent that changes poisonous gasses to oxygen.


Warm Alae Wrap $90 (60 minutes)

Detoxify and re-mineralize your skin with warm protein-rich sea algae. First your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated. Next, a pure micronized algae paste is applied to your body. Wrapped in a blanket to seal in warmth, you'll relax for 25 minutes as the algae's iodine, vitamins and minerals seep into your skin. The treatment finishes off with a moisturizing massage to leave skin soft and supple.


Algamil Seaweed Mud $80 (60 minutes)

Say goodbye to cellulite! Due to it's natural properties, seaweed mud algamil provides immediate results from the first applications reducing the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin, giving incredible effect.

Thanks to the properties of marine algae extracted from unpolluted waters in France, seaweed mud algamil tones up and strengthens the elasticity of the skin.

A slight burning or tingling during the treatments is absolutely normal and it means that all active elements are working against the cellulite.


Parafango Body Wrap $85 (60 minutes)

Get ready to reshape and recontour your silhouette with parafango. This treatment starts with an invigorating exfoliation, followed by an application of AHA amino serum. Next a thick layer of warm parafango is brushed on and you are wrapped in a blanket for 15 minutes. After removing the parafango a thermo-active cream is massages into the skin.

Can be customized to treat cellulite and promote inch loss.


Dead Sea Salt Glow $65 (60 minutes)

Treat your skin to the therapeutic benefit of essential oils and sea salts. First healing essential oils are massaged into your skin cells and impurities. The salt is removed with hot towels and the skin is spritzed with a cooling citrus blend to close and tighten pores. A lotion is then massaged into the body. Skin feels soft and glowing with new vitality.


Wild Honey Salt Glow $85 (90 minutes)

A sweet treasure sure to become one of your favorites. Treatment starts with an exfoliation of Dead Sea salts mixed with wild honey. The salts are then removed with hot towls, finishing with a light massage.

Slimming Bodywrap $90 (60 minutes)

Offers oxygenating and stimulating effect and aids in movement of stagnant fluid stored beneath the skin.
It helps breakdown cellulite build-up and increases skins absorption for slimming and firming products. It is recommended for detoxification,slimming, friming and contouring.


Coffee Scrub $65 (60 minutes)

Freshly ground coffee is used to uplift your spirit while helping your skin feel soft and glowing. A must for coffee lovers!

Coconut Scrub $75 (60 minutes)

Fresh coconut and essential oils are used to exfoliate, hydrate and smooth dry skin. Great for all types of skin. After exfoliating the skin and applying hot towels to remove any residue, a coconut lotion is applied to the body.

Citrus Scrub $65 (60 minutes)

Dead sea salts combined with orange peel, lemon and grapefruit are gently exfoliated into the skin, removing dead skin cells. Salts are then removed with hot towels soaked with essential oils. Treatment ends with an application of a citrus moisturizing lotion. Skin feels soft and glowing.


Polynesian Body Polisher $100 (90 minutes)

Fresh coconut oil is applied into your skin with the help of hot stones and tropical scents of pineapple, will transport you to this tropical paradise. Hot towels soaked in coconut milk will then remove any excess product and leaves your skin clean, free of impurities and ready for the next step. After this warm and out of this world experience you will be wrapped for twenty minutes while the kukui coconut lotion hydrates and pampers your skin.

Wine Body Wrap $70 (60 minutes)

Our wine wrap is a tantalizing body wrap treatment using the powerful anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape. This wine wrap is the perfect treatment for sun damaged, dry and aged skin. Removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and fades age spots.

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