Pool Fencing: Two Tips to Enhance Your Cyclone Fencing

One of the most widely used fencing solutions is cyclone fencing. Not only is it one of the most durable materials that you could choose, but it is also highly versatile and can be incorporated to an assortment of applications, such as pool fencing. Nevertheless, cyclone fencing does have its drawbacks, with one main complaint being that it is not as attractive as other fencing options. Below are a couple of options you could consider to enhance the appearance of your cyclone fencing.

Tip 1: Paint the cyclone fencing

One of the simplest ways to update the appearance of your cyclone fencing is by painting it. However, this does not mean that all you should do is buy some paint and begin brushing it on the chain link fencing. The first thing to determine is whether your cyclone fencing is vinyl coated. If it is, then it would be in your best interests to have a fencing contractor paint it for you to ensure that the finish is not compromised. If you have regular chain link fencing, then you should consider powder coating it. The powder coating will make it more attractive while also providing the fence with a protective layer from constant exposure to the wet atmosphere, hence prolonging its lifespan.

Before any painting commences, ensure that the cyclone fencing is cleaned thoroughly. Any corrosion that may have started to develop should be addressed beforehand or your paint job will be for nought. You should also ensure that any plants that are growing in close proximity to the fencing are covered with some tarp to protect them from exposure to the chemicals contained in the pain. Lastly, if your intentions are to camouflage your cyclone fencing rather than have it stand out, opt for discreet paint colours such as dark brown, dark green or even black.

Tip 2: Install slats on the cyclone fencing

Fence slats are a great way to make your cyclone fencing more attractive while also improving the privacy of your fencing. These slats come in a wide assortment of materials ranging from timber, aluminium, PVC and more. Most people opt to install these fence slats horizontally, but if you would like a unique design, you could choose to have them attached diagonally, vertically or even create your own custom designs using the slats. If you would like to make your cyclone fencing discreetly, consider fence slats that mimic hedges. These will have a layer of green needles that cover one surface of the slats to imitate vegetation.

Pool fencing and balustrades can really change the appearance of your outdoor area, so consider your options carefully.